Sunday, May 3, 2009

This weekend started of with a night at the footy on Friday with Collingwood wining, making Brendan very happy for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning we rushed through the Made in Thornbury market, catching up with constant kaos and buying a lovely bag for a birthday present for Brendan`s sister from curlypops which she loved.

While Brendan was at the football club i went to the Olive Grove to get my key and have another look around. I `ve been finishing some dresses, the zips aren`t great but if i un-pick them again they will just look worse so the first few will look a bit crap but i`ve got the knack now.It`s just been a lack of practise and having been spoiled by having a machinist for a few years.

Sunday morning we went out to the Camberwell market to stock up on wool for scarves that i`m knitting for the Olive Grove. The striped one is about half way finished i`m hoping to finish it tonight while watching Underbelly. I`ll be taking lot`s of the wool back to NZ with me so i can knit while Brendan is driving us to the Hawkes bay where we will be staying for a few days.


Miriam said...

great scarves Anna, see you on weds at the shop
mim x

Anonymous said...

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