Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Final week

For the final week i`ve priced everthing at $140 or less.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

$200 or less

With only one and a half more weeks till i close, all remaining stock is $200 or less. I have decided to stay open till the 21st to give you all one extra day to make the most of the sale.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last day 20th December

I finally have a closing date , which will be the 20th December just in time for Christmas. I `ll be spending 3 weeks in Melbourne with Brendan then back again to pack up the final bits and pieces. Then i`m off again on the 8th of Febuary, only this time with a one way ticket!!!

The good thing is that i still have some great buys in the shop . I will also be adding some new silk party dresses in time for Christmas they were $399 now $160.

Ponsonby will be holding a Christmas party on saturday 6th December

I will have some tables and racks out the front with lots of Christmas bargins.

I also have fabric and trims for sale from $5

Look forward to seeing you before i leave.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moving to Melbourne

It`s official, i`m closing the Polly Pratt store in Ponsonby and moving to Melbourne.
I will still have the shop open for the next month or two with some great bargins, everything has to go as i cant take it with me.
however i will be wholesaling to other stores, if anyone is interested please contact me at the shop or here.
I`m taking a bit of time off at the moment due to glandular fever, so not fun!!
Over the next few months i`ll be looking at doing something of an on-line store so you can still get your favourite things.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Polly pratt craft market coming soon

Have you ever been frustrated when you go out to buy a gift or just a little something for yourself, and you go from shop to shop and everything is the same? Yes i agree. As a retailer it is very frustrating when you have brought stock for your store only to find the same products in the shops a few doors down and to hear customers say` oh look there they are again`.

Out of pure frustration of this happening to me, i will be launching a Polly Pratt craft market in the front courtyard with fresh unique products .

I have chosen Ponsonby market day 20th September to launch this weekly Saturday market.

Where you will find something different and unique for yourself or friend.

I will be keeping you up dated on products that will be avaliable from the market as i have got some of my crafty friends in on it.

I look forward to bringing you Polly Pratt`s very own craft market.


Mid winter sale

Our winter sale is now on with one off samples and some great buys from $80 to make room for our new range ,that i will be launching in Melbourne during September. Most of the range is avaliable now by order just come on in and we can show you samples which we can then make in a colour of your choice. Check out the previous post for a peak at what is to come . I`m just waiting for the photo`s to come back before i put some more up and they go on

Come on in from the cold and check out the winter sale.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Polly Pratt`s Australian Adventure- Fashion Exposed Melbourne

Remember when tea parties were a special occasion and playing dress up was an adventure?

It was my favourite past-time, my Polly Pratt shop and label is a result of hours playing in my mums wardrobe and the treasures in the dress up box. Way back then opening my own dress up box was only a dream . Years later i was lucky enough to be able to bring that dream into a reality.

Within weeks i was opening a very small shop in a space under the stairs(very Harry Potter) in Newmarket, Auckland. After 2 years playing dress up under the stairs i made the decision to move my dress up box to Ponsonby.

Here i had the vision to give women of all shapes and sizes a chance to feel feminine , beautiful and youthfull all at once, reminding them of there times in the dress up box as a child.

I wanted women to see Polly Pratt garments and not be afraid to try them on .

I also didn`t agree with the idea of designer clothing only being avaliable up to a size 14 and anyone else having to go to a `big girls` shop on the out skirts of town, where the fabrics and fits were unflattering and beautifull silks and colours were never seen. This is why most styles, with more to come are avaliable up to a size 20.

After tea parties and a lot of dress up in Auckland, i`ll now be giving Australian women the chance to embrace the tea parties and dress up box again. I will be launching a wholesale range at Fashion Exposed Melbourne 14-16 September.

The range will focus on trans-seasonal , Silk dresses, tops and skirts that can be mixed with everything from leggings to diamonds and will take you to the races, cocktail bar or a day shopping worn with your favorite Embody jeans. Most styles are avalible in size 8-20 .

I will be posting all my Fashion exposed details, stand etc once i have them. In the meantime if anyone is interested in viewing the range from the 1st of August please feel free to contact me on 09 3764970 as i will be in Melbourne for 2 weeks., or at the store 49 Ponsonby Rd , Auckland. I`ll will be photographing the range next Sunday . Once i have the photos i will post some for you all to see .

Until the photo`s are posted next week these will have to do, some of the styles are part of the range.


close up of fantasia

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fantasia 2008


It`s been awhile since i last up-dated the blog. There have been a few exciting reasons for this , starting with Fantasia.

Polly Pratt was lucky enough to be invited to design a piece of lingere for the KidsCan Charitable trust , The Fantasia fashion show which was based on the Victorias secrets shows, was held in the Auckland town hall. Firstly a little bit about the charity.

KidsCan is a national charity dedicated to levelling the playing field for kiwi kids living in poverty.Over the past three years, they have provided 20,000 raincoats,4,000 pairs of shoes and provided food for 7,000 kids per week around New Zealand.

The brief was to design a fantasy piece of lingere, Christina and i decided to take our inspiration from Pierrot the dancing clown, this is the final outfit on the catwalk.

We are already planning next years piece.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long weekend

I`ll be in Melbourne for the long weekend, so i thought i`d leave you all with some photo`s from the shop.

Have a great long weekend.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Body shapes and what Embody styles suit

The pear

- Your top half looks smaller than your bottom half.
- You are most likely to be narrow through the bust and shoulders.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Bebe
- Fever

The Noodle

- You tend to be straight up and down.
- You don`t have much of a bust,waist and bottom.
- You choose clothes that will give you the illusion of curves in all the right places.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Tempt narrow
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Body love
- Fever

The hourglass

- Your bust and hip measurements are the same and you tend to have a small waist.
- Your weight is generally evenly distributed.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Tempt narrow
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Chic
- Fever

The Love Heart

- You have a large bust and may tend to be broad across the shoulders and back.
- You may tend to feel top heavy, your hips tend to be smaller than your bust measurements

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Chic
- Ice Queen
- Fever

The Apple

- Your arms and legs can tend to be quite thin in proportion to the rest of your body.
- You carry most of your weight in your mid section, bust, waist and bottom.

Suitable jeans

- Chic
- Bebe
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Bodylove
- Fever

Embody style Ice Queen skinny

Ice Queen skinny

This style has a unique three way leg design, you can wear it folded , the ankle tucked into boots or scrunched.

They have six pockets with detailed front pocket design, signature Embody embroidery on back pockets.

The denim wash is meduim blue/ultra soft wash.

Avalible in size 8-18

Embody style Bebe


This jean is a firm fit with a light stretch.

Mid rise with five pocket detailing,

the leg is a bootcut, with the back pocket detailed with a button flap.

The denim wash is a medium/ worn look.

Avaliable in sizes 10-24

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Embody style Fever


A boot cut/ flare , this jean has a high waist.

Five pocket detailing with signature buttons and embroidery on back pockets.

The denim is indigo wash.

avalible in size 8-24

Embody style Chic


A mid rise stretch jean with a slight flare.

Embody embroidered detail on press studds,

featuring four pockets

The denim is a classic dark wash.

Avalible in size 8-22

Embody style Body love

Body love

This style is a hipster/ mid rise with stretch waistband.

the leg is a five pocket bootcut with detailed red stitching on back pockets.

A versatile jean suitable to be worn through pregnancy.

The denim is a medium/dark wash with light sandblasting.

Avalible in size 10-20

Embody style Tempt narrow

Tempt narrow

Ultra slimming lines of a narrow leg,

the high waistband offers support for the tummy

while making the legs appear longer.

with five pockets and the signature embroidery coin pocket.

The denim is a medium blue/ultra soft wash

Avaliable in sizes 8-22

Embody style Tempt


This style is mid to high rise,

leg style is a straight leg, detailed back pockets with buttons and flap.

The denim is a classic enzyme wash.

Avaliable in size 8-22

Embody denim

I thought i would go through the Embody jeans range , explaining the design of each jean and then what design is best for your body type.The way Natalie has designed them and the size range that they are avalible in has made them a very popular jean here at Polly Pratt .

Hope this helps .


polly pratt newsletter

Monday, April 14, 2008

$5 fabric scrap bags

$5 fabric scrap bags
Originally uploaded by polly pratt
These bags of our fabric scaps , are great if your crafty. The pieces are a decent size.

renovation sale rack

renovation sale rack
Originally uploaded by polly pratt
Just thought i`d let you see some more of the sale items at Polly Pratt,
Until the 10th May