Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long weekend

I`ll be in Melbourne for the long weekend, so i thought i`d leave you all with some photo`s from the shop.

Have a great long weekend.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Body shapes and what Embody styles suit

The pear

- Your top half looks smaller than your bottom half.
- You are most likely to be narrow through the bust and shoulders.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Bebe
- Fever

The Noodle

- You tend to be straight up and down.
- You don`t have much of a bust,waist and bottom.
- You choose clothes that will give you the illusion of curves in all the right places.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Tempt narrow
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Body love
- Fever

The hourglass

- Your bust and hip measurements are the same and you tend to have a small waist.
- Your weight is generally evenly distributed.

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Tempt narrow
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Chic
- Fever

The Love Heart

- You have a large bust and may tend to be broad across the shoulders and back.
- You may tend to feel top heavy, your hips tend to be smaller than your bust measurements

Suitable jeans

- Tempt
- Chic
- Ice Queen
- Fever

The Apple

- Your arms and legs can tend to be quite thin in proportion to the rest of your body.
- You carry most of your weight in your mid section, bust, waist and bottom.

Suitable jeans

- Chic
- Bebe
- Ice Queen Skinny
- Bodylove
- Fever

Embody style Ice Queen skinny

Ice Queen skinny

This style has a unique three way leg design, you can wear it folded , the ankle tucked into boots or scrunched.

They have six pockets with detailed front pocket design, signature Embody embroidery on back pockets.

The denim wash is meduim blue/ultra soft wash.

Avalible in size 8-18

Embody style Bebe


This jean is a firm fit with a light stretch.

Mid rise with five pocket detailing,

the leg is a bootcut, with the back pocket detailed with a button flap.

The denim wash is a medium/ worn look.

Avaliable in sizes 10-24

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Embody style Fever


A boot cut/ flare , this jean has a high waist.

Five pocket detailing with signature buttons and embroidery on back pockets.

The denim is indigo wash.

avalible in size 8-24

Embody style Chic


A mid rise stretch jean with a slight flare.

Embody embroidered detail on press studds,

featuring four pockets

The denim is a classic dark wash.

Avalible in size 8-22

Embody style Body love

Body love

This style is a hipster/ mid rise with stretch waistband.

the leg is a five pocket bootcut with detailed red stitching on back pockets.

A versatile jean suitable to be worn through pregnancy.

The denim is a medium/dark wash with light sandblasting.

Avalible in size 10-20

Embody style Tempt narrow

Tempt narrow

Ultra slimming lines of a narrow leg,

the high waistband offers support for the tummy

while making the legs appear longer.

with five pockets and the signature embroidery coin pocket.

The denim is a medium blue/ultra soft wash

Avaliable in sizes 8-22

Embody style Tempt


This style is mid to high rise,

leg style is a straight leg, detailed back pockets with buttons and flap.

The denim is a classic enzyme wash.

Avaliable in size 8-22

Embody denim

I thought i would go through the Embody jeans range , explaining the design of each jean and then what design is best for your body type.The way Natalie has designed them and the size range that they are avalible in has made them a very popular jean here at Polly Pratt .

Hope this helps .


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