Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Olive Grove

I never got to put any photo`s up on Saturday as i got into knitting the brooches and couldn`t stop untill i had finished.
This week i found out that i will be joining the crafty crew at The Olive Grove on Sydney Rd Brunswick. There is no website at the moment so i will take some photo`s on Saturday.

Next Friday we are heading back to New Zealand for a weeks holiday where i`ll be able to get more of my patterns to make up some fresh designs for The Olive Grove.

Friday, April 24, 2009

fixed camera

The camera is all fixed now, it was the charger. Now that that`s done i can take some photo`s of things that i`ve been working on. I`ve got the place to myself the whole day tomorrow so i`ll be doing lots of CLEANING, sewing and taking photo`s.

These photo`s were taken when i opened my second shop in Ponsonby, i hadn`t looked at them for awhile and i`m starting to miss the screen and furniture ,all the furniture i had in the shop i had brought so i could put them into a house. I just didn`t plan on moving to Melbourne. I think i`ll have to start saving to get a container sent.

You just never know what`s around the corner!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go gocco

I`m so excited, i won an auction on trade me (NZ version of Ebay) for a gocco screen printer this morning. The only thing is that i will have to wait till i go back to Auckland to get my hands on it .I`m having it sent to my mum and dad`s, this may take awhile since i was only there a few weeks ago but it will give me lots of time to come up with some great ideas for using it.

I spent today cutting out fabrics i brought yesterday for wendy dresses and belts.My camara is still not working so i cant put up any photo`s of them. These photo`s were taken at Fashion exposed last year in Melbourne i just found them today i was meant to put them up last year but 2 days after i got back i crashed out with glandular fever and it was the last thing i felt like doing, better late than never.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday stash

I brought these fabrics from Amitie for a quilt, only i started to cut it a bit wonky so my quilt is now being made out of yo yo `s i`ve made about 400 so far and have about 600 more to go as i`m being greedy and want a king size.I`m heading back to Amitie tomorrow to buy more fabric for Dresses and i `ll be using the left overs for more yo yo`s.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better pictures of the dresses

the wendy dress
the shift dress

Thanks for all the comments.

I`ve found some slighty better photo`s of the wendy dress and shift dress.

These were taken back in the shop in Ponsonby .

learn to sew a dress or cami

Shift dress

This week, i`ve pretty much spent the last five days on the couch watching crap on tv with a head cold.

I`m finally feeling back to normal and feel like getting some sewing done.

The good news is that next month i`ll be teaching some dressmaking classes over at Amitie I`ve put the times and date somewhere so will post these at a later date .The three styles i`ll be teaching are the Polly Pratt wendy dress, Polly Pratt shift dress and the Polly Pratt ribbon cami.

The ribbon cami is for a beginner and the other two dresses for the more advanced, but if i can make them most people will be able to.I`ve never done this before so to get lots of practice in i`ll be making one of every size for people to try on for size before the lesson .The wendy dress and ribbon cami`s are in a size 8-20 and the shift dress size 8-16.

The photo`s aren`t that great , my camara has broken so these will have to make do till i get it fixed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Polly Pratt at Zebrano

Last month i went back home to Auckland ,to put together an order for Zebrano ,a plus size store in Auckland,Wellington and Lower Hutt Check them out on They are now stocking the Nina top and Nina dress in sizes 14-24 in colours black and grease which is a stunning grey.The top and dress is shown in this photo on the top left hand side.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Stash

This is a piece of embroidered silk that i beaded and made into a belt.The photo doesn`t show up the colour that well but it`s a stunning bright blue with white embroidery.

finally hooked up!!

Yay, i`m finally hooked up on the internet here in Melbourne. I`ll be starting to blog again after the Easter break.I hope you all have a great break and indulge in lots of eggs.