Wednesday, May 27, 2009


These are the booties so far.I got the pattern from an old doll making book when i was back in NZ it was quite heavy so i left it at Mum and Dads. I just made the size bigger to fit a toddler.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sonny and coco market

After a few early mornings and late nights sewing , i had done as much as i could for the market.

The day went pretty fast with a steady stream of people and more than enought sales to make the day worth while.

I`ve put the left overs into the Olive Grove and will be adding more tomorrow when i`m working in there for the day which will be fun.

Yesterday i took in the Polly Pratt dolls , i only have 3 but will be making more in the next couple of weeks. I`m working on little felt shoes for the little ones this week and some new belts, i tested a couple at the maket and they went really well , hopefully i can get some into the shop for the weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freaking out

hair clips and ties for the market
mess that i`ve been making

new hats for the olive grove

the dress that went back to Auckland.

new skirts for the shop

It`s Thursday evening and i`m now FREAKING out as i found out yesterday that i`ll be having a stall at the Sonny and Coco Market in Preston , Sunday morning 10-4.

I`ve been madly sewing since yesterday, i decided i`m only going to use fabric from my stash , so i`ve been finishing embroidering white linen for button hair ties that i started months ago, wool felt hair clips with felt i brought from the stitches and craft show, mini Polly Pratt dresses out of fabric that had been sitting there all year. Halter tops and dresses that had been cut since my old shop in Auckland, more belts out of little scraps. I think the stall will look a bit bitsy but at least i`m using up the stash to make room for more.

The other day i had my first day working in The Olive Grove, within an hour of putting one of my halter dress`s out on the manniquin it had sold which was great, the funny thing was she lived in Auckland and had tried a green one on in my old shop a couple of years ago, such a small world.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back home

driving up the driveway at the Mission vineyard Hastings

fabric i brought in Huntly a very small town south of Auckland

more fabric

deciding what to pack

knitting on the way to Norswood

Cutting out skirts from fabric i found at home

After getting home this morning from an early start in Auckland and a horrid two hour time difference i had a little sleep then out came the sewing machine where i started to sew up some skirts that i cut out back in Auckland. I spent Monday cutting out skirts,hoodies, dresses and some tops to bring back to make up.

Tuesday we drove about seven hours down to Norswood in the Hawkes bay. I don`t drive so instead i got out the knitting needles and pretty much didn`t stop knitting untill we got there,lets just say my arm is still suffering.

Wednesday we went to a few vineyards and took in the sites of Hastings and Napier.

When we got back on Thursday i had the big job of packing and i wanted to bring lots back with me including heavy patterns on card. Thankfully Brendan is a Quantas member and gets a bit more baggage allowance.
This weekend i`m going to spend making up everything i brought back with me for the Olive Grove.
I`m not sure whats happened with the spacing of this post but i`m far to tired to play around with it.Bed is calling.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New home for Polly Pratt

Hanging up at the Olive Grove

My favourite

The past few days and nights i`ve been madly sewing mini Polly Pratt dresses, i hadn`t made these for awhile but i thought they would be great for the Olive Grove. I took them down this afternoon as we leave tomorrow for a weeks holiday .My favourite one is the one made in the Dick and Jane, tape measure fabric . Tonight i`ve started on making the yo yo hair clips to go with them , i `ll be taking them into the shop next Saturday when i get back and have made a few more. I`ve also started another scarf in blues, i just forgot to take a photo, i`m going to finish it while Brendan drives us to Norsewood a good days drive from Auckland.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This weekend started of with a night at the footy on Friday with Collingwood wining, making Brendan very happy for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning we rushed through the Made in Thornbury market, catching up with constant kaos and buying a lovely bag for a birthday present for Brendan`s sister from curlypops which she loved.

While Brendan was at the football club i went to the Olive Grove to get my key and have another look around. I `ve been finishing some dresses, the zips aren`t great but if i un-pick them again they will just look worse so the first few will look a bit crap but i`ve got the knack now.It`s just been a lack of practise and having been spoiled by having a machinist for a few years.

Sunday morning we went out to the Camberwell market to stock up on wool for scarves that i`m knitting for the Olive Grove. The striped one is about half way finished i`m hoping to finish it tonight while watching Underbelly. I`ll be taking lot`s of the wool back to NZ with me so i can knit while Brendan is driving us to the Hawkes bay where we will be staying for a few days.