Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freaking out

hair clips and ties for the market
mess that i`ve been making

new hats for the olive grove

the dress that went back to Auckland.

new skirts for the shop

It`s Thursday evening and i`m now FREAKING out as i found out yesterday that i`ll be having a stall at the Sonny and Coco Market in Preston , Sunday morning 10-4.

I`ve been madly sewing since yesterday, i decided i`m only going to use fabric from my stash , so i`ve been finishing embroidering white linen for button hair ties that i started months ago, wool felt hair clips with felt i brought from the stitches and craft show, mini Polly Pratt dresses out of fabric that had been sitting there all year. Halter tops and dresses that had been cut since my old shop in Auckland, more belts out of little scraps. I think the stall will look a bit bitsy but at least i`m using up the stash to make room for more.

The other day i had my first day working in The Olive Grove, within an hour of putting one of my halter dress`s out on the manniquin it had sold which was great, the funny thing was she lived in Auckland and had tried a green one on in my old shop a couple of years ago, such a small world.


My Black Cardigan said...

Good luck for the market. Love the story about your halter dress going back to Auckland... it's a small world!

CurlyPops said...

Hope you have a great time at the market on Sunday!

Tom said...

wow thats amazing that lady had already tried one of your dresses on in another country! nice work. hope your first day in shop was ok. see you around olive grove or at next meeting xx

Kirsty said... you are.

Lovely to chat last night.

I'm looking forward to following the yoyo progress.