Monday, June 29, 2009


Just a quick up-date , i`ve got a full on throat infection so i wont be posting again untill i`m better as i just dont have the energy. Hopefully it will be by the end of the week .

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry about that.....

You will have to take my word for the first ever draw ,done the old fashi0ned way at Polly Pratt as i still have no camera, and YES i hate it. The first ever winner here at Polly Pratt is Margret from Konstant Kaos Congratulations ,email me your details and i`ll get it out to you as soon as i can.

Wow that was really easy.

Since i`ve been really slack and haven`t posted for ages due to being sick,i`m going to go all out tomorrow night,telling you all about my week .It`s proberly pretty boring but there might be another giveaway. so stay tuned.
I really need some sleep now as i have a dreaded job interview tomorrow and it will be the first one in about 6 plus years. Thanks to everyone that entered and to all the new followers, i`m having lots of fun reading all about you and your adventures,.

The winner is....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still no pictures

Polly chilling out in the window

My camera wont charge, i think it might be the new charger i brought to re-place the old one so i will get some tape tomorrow to try a few things out if this fails it definatly the camera.

The dresses are now in there new home at the Olive Grove and there are bags and cards all of the floor from all the goccoing.

Since i cant show you all what i`ve been working on i`ll tell you a bit about the Olive Grove. I have taken this straight from a little flyer we have in the shop, mainly so i dont get anything wrong.


Vibrant retail and screen-printing space,houses some of Brunswick`s most exciting textile,clothing and accessory designers.A designer/maker co-operative, Olive Grove Studios offers up an eclectic range of hand-made goodies created by Brunswick-based labels.

From screen prints to clothes,toys to accessories, the range at Olive Grove Studios is vast. Browsing the space on any given day you will be sure to see one of the co-operative members buusily crafting something spectacular.

Olive Grove Studios is an experimental shopping experience well worth your while.You`ll find something for everyone,and if you don`t,have one of our designers custom-make something for you!

159 Sydney Rd Brunswick

Monday, June 15, 2009

It`s Tuesday and i cant wait

It`s Tuesday and i cant wait to finish the dresses i`m working on ,so i can play with the gocco.
I`ll have to post some photo`s later once the battery is charged.
Be back later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally off the couch

I finally made it off the couch on Friday morning when i moved it like Mike with mim down the Merri creek to Ceres for a Olive grove meeting. FREEZING COLD!!

Once back home i spent the day sewing dresses and while the footy was on later that night i made a pencil case, i`m going to make a few coin purses for the Sonny and coco market next month but i`ve still got a bit of practise left untill i put them out there.

Saturday i had to miss the Sisters market as i was down the road working in the Olive grove, which was a bit of a bummer. It`s always such a great market .

Today i had a quick look at the design market at Fed square but forgot to take the camera. I ended the day at Riverland ,Brendan and my favourite bar with a bottle of bubbles and cheese platter, i could have stayed all afternoon.Now back home i`m about to get back on the sewing machine as there are more dresses to make.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cushion up-date

I`ve finished stitching the first cushion , i`ve used all different stitches to create a totally random look. I`ve also started another but i`ve run out of fusing to make more along with the belts. The only thing is that the scraps are used up and i`m now cutting randomly into my fabrics ,but i`m liking the result so thats all good.

The next step will be sewing them up with a denim backing.

I wont be moving it like Mike today as i`ve come down with a bad sore throat ,proberly because i had one last week and getting caught in the rain yesterday brought it back. I guess

it`s a good excuse to stay home and sew.

See you at the market

I`ll be at the sonny and coco market with new and exciting products.
See you there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The start of something new!!

I`ve spent the last hour plus cutting,laying and fusing this cushion cover, i cant wait to stitch into it and see how it turns out. I got the idea from the belts, it all started when i found i had lots of little bits of fabric which were to small for anything and then i thought if i appliqued them onto the belts i could use them up that way. The belts have been a hit at the markets so i`ve started thinking what else i could do,i came up with cushions and i`m working on a few more things.

Moving it like Mike

Even though it`s freezing out there i wrapped up and took off on the townie to the Yarn Barn in Coburg i had brought wool from them at Camberwell market but had never been to the store .Half way there the rain started thankfully it wasn`t too heavy .The colours were total eye candy and the choice was a bit confusing, i`m knitting a blanket of squares since i cant get the knack of chrochet . I thought these three would work in with the other colours i have left over from scarfs and hats.
The tags i got from a dusty newsagent on the way in Coburg, i think they had been in there for years, i`m going to try my gocco screens out on them and make gift tags.
I`m already wondering where i`ll end up tomorrow while moving it like Mike.

It`s Tuesday and i can`t wait...

It`s Tuesday and i can`t wait to go and move it like Mike I`ll be going for a bike ride and i`m not sure where i`ll go , think i `ll try a new route today.I also cant wait to start working on my new cushions and playing with the gocco. I`ll report back later with what i found on my ride.


Wow i`m so excited, when i got my gocco back in Auckland the screens it came with were no good .Finally i got some new ones yesterday and i`ve just tried it out. I`M IN LOVE with this little machine . These are my first few practise prints. I`ll have a good play tomorrow.

Daylesford Makers Market

First thing Saturday morning Brendan and i loaded the car up and headed off to Daylesford for the makers market When we got there we stopped into a little cafe for breakfast, the lady must have just opened as we were the only ones in there and it was freezing not even the hot chocolate was going to warm it up. I just hope she turned the heating on as the day just got colder.

When we got to the hall it was buzzing with people setting up for the day, it was such a lovely town hall i forgot to take photo`s, but i `ll get some next time.

My stall was next to Alison who is just as lovely as her Lark products. I also met Steph from The Doily whose blog i follow, she makes the sweetest clocks from old china plates.

The market started at 10 and the people just poured in, it was busy all day . Cam from Curlypops and tinniegirl stopped by to say hello ,Cam was wearing one of her flower brooches which looked fantastic.

The new belts and booties were the biggest hit of the day . I`m now working on some new products for the sonny and coco market on the 5th of July.

I can`t wait for the next one.

moving it like Mike

I`ve signed up over at Meet me at Mikes to move it like mike. This means that i`ll be getting out everyday for some much needed exercise.I`ll be riding my Townie down the Upfield track from Coburg to Brunswick across Sydney Rd into Lygon St, up into Nicholson st back into Coburg.I had been doing this the last few weeks but spent most of last week on the couch with a cold, so i`ll be getting back into it tomorrow and i`m going to document my bike ride here,with photo`s of what i find on the way.

Sunday stash on Monday

I was lucky enough to win this cute fabric from the haby goddess It reminds me of the cute little momiji dolls. I`m not quite sure what i`ll make out of it just yet.I`m sort of thinking along the lines of a little coin purse to carry my tram money in.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New hoodies size 12-20
new knitted brooches

my fave the booties

I spent today in the Olive Grove surrounded by crafty goodness . While i was there i was able to spend some time finishing some booties for the market on Saturday, i`ve still got a few more to finish and i`m playing around with some in denim with a felt sole, i think they will look great once they start to fray.

I think i will focus more on accessories for this market than clothing however i will have a little bit of clothing, some winter hoodies, halter tops that can be worn winter or summer ( there is a couple of tricks to these top/dresses) skirts and if i can get some wendy dresses finished in time, i`ll also have some mini Polly Pratt dresses for the little ladies.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It`s Tuesday and i can`t wait

Giveaway prize, Good luck

It`s Tuesday and i cant wait,till Saturday when we are going to Daylesford , where Polly Pratt will be having a Stall at the Makers Market. I `m yet to go to Daylesford,but i`m told it`s beautiful. Will post more about the market later.

It`s now been a month since i started at the Olive grove, which is ticking along really well.

To celebrate this i`m going to have a giveaway.

To enter all you have to do is leave me a message for one entry,Follow my blog for three, and for four entries, blog about the giveaway and let me know about it. I`ll be drawing the giveaway the old fashioned way on the evening of the 25th June. I stole that idea from Margret from a little bit of kaos

The prize will be a little package of things that i sell at the olive grove, including one of my new belts, a button necklace and hair ties , The belt will be slightly different to the one shown.Entries can be worldwide.
Good luck.