Friday, May 15, 2009

Back home

driving up the driveway at the Mission vineyard Hastings

fabric i brought in Huntly a very small town south of Auckland

more fabric

deciding what to pack

knitting on the way to Norswood

Cutting out skirts from fabric i found at home

After getting home this morning from an early start in Auckland and a horrid two hour time difference i had a little sleep then out came the sewing machine where i started to sew up some skirts that i cut out back in Auckland. I spent Monday cutting out skirts,hoodies, dresses and some tops to bring back to make up.

Tuesday we drove about seven hours down to Norswood in the Hawkes bay. I don`t drive so instead i got out the knitting needles and pretty much didn`t stop knitting untill we got there,lets just say my arm is still suffering.

Wednesday we went to a few vineyards and took in the sites of Hastings and Napier.

When we got back on Thursday i had the big job of packing and i wanted to bring lots back with me including heavy patterns on card. Thankfully Brendan is a Quantas member and gets a bit more baggage allowance.
This weekend i`m going to spend making up everything i brought back with me for the Olive Grove.
I`m not sure whats happened with the spacing of this post but i`m far to tired to play around with it.Bed is calling.


Miriam said...

welcome back :)

crafty said...

Hi Anna! I'm looking forward to meeting you, your stuff is gorgeous, I adore your little knitted brooches and button necklaces.
-Another Olive Grover.