Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New hoodies size 12-20
new knitted brooches

my fave the booties

I spent today in the Olive Grove surrounded by crafty goodness . While i was there i was able to spend some time finishing some booties for the market on Saturday, i`ve still got a few more to finish and i`m playing around with some in denim with a felt sole, i think they will look great once they start to fray.

I think i will focus more on accessories for this market than clothing however i will have a little bit of clothing, some winter hoodies, halter tops that can be worn winter or summer ( there is a couple of tricks to these top/dresses) skirts and if i can get some wendy dresses finished in time, i`ll also have some mini Polly Pratt dresses for the little ladies.


Finki (jay) said...

I'm so wrapt that your clothes go up to a size 20. Please let me know next time your at olive grove. You have to show me how the different ways to wear the halter top. (maybe we can tee it up that there will be something in a black, red, purple or teal coloring in an 18 or 20 for me to try/buy) I have a brooch on order there that I have to pick, so i'll be there soonish.

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

You might have said it already but where is the olive grove?

Miriam said...

beautiful stuff as always anna! hope you do really well at the market x

Miriam said...

i wil book you in for the july 5th worshop ! x