Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go gocco

I`m so excited, i won an auction on trade me (NZ version of Ebay) for a gocco screen printer this morning. The only thing is that i will have to wait till i go back to Auckland to get my hands on it .I`m having it sent to my mum and dad`s, this may take awhile since i was only there a few weeks ago but it will give me lots of time to come up with some great ideas for using it.

I spent today cutting out fabrics i brought yesterday for wendy dresses and belts.My camara is still not working so i cant put up any photo`s of them. These photo`s were taken at Fashion exposed last year in Melbourne i just found them today i was meant to put them up last year but 2 days after i got back i crashed out with glandular fever and it was the last thing i felt like doing, better late than never.


three buttons said...

Yippeee! It's exciting enough to win those auctions, even more exciting when it's for a Gocco!!! Congratulations!!!

Thank you for joining in on my giveaway!!


three buttons said...

p.s. (Aren't those furoshiki's too good)!!

polly pratt said...

They are fantastic, and i cant wait to get the gocco.