Friday, April 24, 2009

fixed camera

The camera is all fixed now, it was the charger. Now that that`s done i can take some photo`s of things that i`ve been working on. I`ve got the place to myself the whole day tomorrow so i`ll be doing lots of CLEANING, sewing and taking photo`s.

These photo`s were taken when i opened my second shop in Ponsonby, i hadn`t looked at them for awhile and i`m starting to miss the screen and furniture ,all the furniture i had in the shop i had brought so i could put them into a house. I just didn`t plan on moving to Melbourne. I think i`ll have to start saving to get a container sent.

You just never know what`s around the corner!!

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Cindy said...

Nice to meet you on Sunday, hope you found some good treasures.