Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The last few weeks


nicole said...

ooh i love the one at the very top! so pretty :D

Jo said...

Love, love. Any of these off to Handmade Canberra?

polly pratt said...

I can send any up if you like or i can do a paypal order if there is anything you would like.

How have you been ? Are you coming to SIT this year in Canberra?

Jo said...

I love the second last one with the birds on it. Paypal is good.

Good thanks. I didn't know it was in Canberra - definitely keen.

polly pratt said...


That one is a size 16 , i have another which will be a little different but i will have to check tomorrow to see what size it is. They are all one of a kinda and are $170 including postage. I`ll take a photo tomorrow for you.