Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving forward

         Winter jacket

Do you ever set  targets for your business? I do 
July last year i decided i wanted to make and sell 200 dresses. 


Not really, 180 and counting  and hoping to make the last 20 by July the 1st.
The only thing is that this July i want to set a new target of 350 and still be making them myself. 


Being at Sew it Together really made me realise that i only really want to make dresses  out of beautiful fabrics, and take it from a hobby wage to a full time wage, which will be the hard part.
The last few weeks i`ve been working through, how i`m going to make this happen.
One of the ways is focusing on a few core styles which i`ll introduce you to over the coming weeks , some of them you will have already seen and some may have had the odd tweak to them like the Wendy dress with a three quarter sleeve.
I`m going to go and set some more realistic targets now like doing the dishes every night for the rest of the year.



Cass said...

The jacket looks great but I love the look of those pants too.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket - love the targets - especially the dishes! Good luck.