Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It`s raining Wendy dresses

Not only has it been raining outside,it`s been raining inside over here at  Polly Pratt head quarters today  with Wendy dresses. I`ve locked myself in today to try and start stocking up on dresses for summer in the shop and a few markets i`ve booked over Xmas . The photo isn`t very good but i`ve got about 13 hanging up to be hemed ,binding sewn on or zips put in., that will be tomorrows job. The fabrics are all Kaffe and i`ve no idea of the names. These should be in the shop in time for the weekend.


Jennie said...

And I thought I was good for having 12 tops cut out and ready to sew!

Jay @ Finki said...

ooohh, they are looking good. well done.

kate jean said...

Anna! your dresses are beautiful! and what amazing fabrics!!!

Kate xx (@ Towanda)