Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New studio

I`m pretty exccited as tonight, i started moving into a studio at the back of the Olive grove.This will mean that the kitchen table will now be just that and the spare room might once again be a bedroom, actually i think the whole appartment might once again be tidy and not a messy sewing room.This all happened pretty quickly but if i want to get ahead with Polly Pratt i think it will work well. I also have a big cartel online store coming , once i replace my laptop which died , hopefully i`ll be getting a new one first thing in March . Blogging might be pretty sparse untill then, but i`ll take lots of photo`s for when it`s up and running.

The other exciting news is that i got some new patterns made this week, a new dress for size 16-20 i`ll be sampling this up in the next week and jeans size 10-20 samples will also be done for these soon.I`ll show  you photo`s as soon as i can.

Saturday i`ll be at the Sisters market in Brunswick with mainly mini Polly Pratt and a few womens dresses that i have.
Hope to see a few of you there.


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

How fabulous, you will have to have an official warming of the space with champayne!

rabbit and the duck said...

Very exciting!! A studio of your own - I'm sure productivity will soar : ) See you Saturday!

Jay @ Finki said...

ahhh, I saw a tiny little note in the window when I popped in the other day and I too wandered how nice it would be to have my stuff out of the house ( :
Good on you for taking it. You'll have it full up with many works on the go in no time.

prashant said...

Very exciting!!
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Thea said...

It was nice meeting you in Melbourne too. I must check out the Olive Grove studios next time as it sounds really happening.