Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New camera and computer all fixed :)

wool felt needle books
cushions finally finished and now living in new homes

new babushka`s large ones are on the way

mini Polly Pratt

coin purses

mini Polly Pratt

New wendy dresses in store

New printed calico bags for the Olive Grove , spend $100 or more and take your purschase home in one of these great ego friendly bags.

Badges made from babushka fabric and old doillies

halter dress in a new print

new summer skirts


Beky said...

Wish I had a daughter so I could buy some of those beautiful dresses. Don't think my 9 year old boy would be happy. :-)

MiM said...


Sherrin said...

lol could help but laugh at our EGO friendly bags!! ;o) :P

Ms. Givens said...

OMG. Your stuff is the cutest I have seen in a long time!!!

prashant said...

Great stuff! Sooooo cute!

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DR said...

Hi, I lived in Kensington in Nov 2009 and bought that adorbale Polly Pratt mini shift dress -- the one with the gardner out front. Any chance you have some more of those still available in a size 4-5?