Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I`m back take two

I `m finally back to blogging again, only the camera isn`t, one more week till it will be all sorted ,then there will be a new giveaway YAY.
These photo`s are of my going away party way back in Febuary i found them just before and thought i`d show you the great cupcakes mum had made ,very Aussie i also got the teddy bear in the Aussie cricket uniform and a small Collingwood footy ball LOL Brendan is a huge sports freak.

I moved it like Mike today on the bike around Brunswick then up to GJ fabrics for a quick look , think i will have to go back when i get paid from the new job that i start tomorrow.

I`ll be selling shoes 4 days a week from now on and sewing for the Olive Grove the rest of the time. I dropped down some new baby singlets appliqued with Babushka dolls, and calico bags which i also appliqued today, i think i will have these as a standard from now on.Embroidered tea towels are also on the list.
I`ll post some photo`s when the camera is al sorted.


Lynda said...

Hi Polly looking for forward to seeing your creations!

I have been thinking of tea towels too!

Duchess of Tea said...

Just stopped by for a visit hope you are doing fantastic.
Duchess xx

LLC said...

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