Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well i`ve been here for a couple of weeks now and we still dont have proper internet, so thats why posts have been non exsistant.

So far i`ve just been hanging out ,Last week i went to the first Melbourne meet for the Brown owls at Dante`s in Gertrude St, Which was great.

I`ll be going back to Auckland in about a weeks time to get an order made up for a store in Wellington and Auckland so i`ll let you know when it`s all in store what and where it is, i just cant say yet.

My overlocker should be getting here today so i`ll be starting to sewing up Wendy dress`s in printed cotton today for an online store ,i`ll be setting this up when i get back from Auckland and have made up a few more things.
The photo is of the wendy dress ,only it`s in silk i`ll be making them in printed cottons and they wont be lined but they still look great.


ButtonsByLouLou said...

Hi Anna. Thanks for visiting my blog. Welcome to Melbourne - almost - you seem to be doing a lot of flying at the moment. Hope you settle in well.

polly pratt said...

Your blog is great, i`m sure i`ll enjoy following it.