Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Polly pratt craft market coming soon

Have you ever been frustrated when you go out to buy a gift or just a little something for yourself, and you go from shop to shop and everything is the same? Yes i agree. As a retailer it is very frustrating when you have brought stock for your store only to find the same products in the shops a few doors down and to hear customers say` oh look there they are again`.

Out of pure frustration of this happening to me, i will be launching a Polly Pratt craft market in the front courtyard with fresh unique products .

I have chosen Ponsonby market day 20th September to launch this weekly Saturday market.

Where you will find something different and unique for yourself or friend.

I will be keeping you up dated on products that will be avaliable from the market as i have got some of my crafty friends in on it.

I look forward to bringing you Polly Pratt`s very own craft market.



Sofia's Mama said...

Hi there,
I purchased one of your little girls dresses from the market day for my daughter. I'll post it on my blog later today with a link to yours.
Do you do a childrens line?

polly pratt said...


Thanks, i don`t do childrens i just loved the fabrics.
I`m about to close the shop and move to Melbourne,The shop is now in full closing down sale mode, with lots of bargins.