Sunday, December 9, 2007

new stock

summer stock
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I thought it was about time i put some more photo`s on here and to let you all know about whats been happening.
Firstly the big news is that ,Christina has joined Polly Pratt as a production manager and as you can see by the photo there is a lot more stock on the racks.From now on Polly Pratt will have new stock coming in store every week or two.
Christina has a vast knowledge of plus size fashion having worked for Inital and Zebrano. This is an area where with her knowledge we can produce a small range each season .we will be starting with silk tunic tops which will go with the Embody jeans which will be in store at the end of the week. In the new year we will continue with dress`s skirts , jackets etc.We were trying to get it all out by Christmas but as we want to get it right first time it will be in the new year.

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