Monday, July 16, 2007

yay i have photo `s (just hope i remember how i did it)

Well i finally managed to post some photo`s of some new stock that has come in the past few weeks. As you can see already, there is not much black. Mainly because i don`t like wearing it that much and i think there are so many bright and fantastic coulourful prints out there that i just have to use them.(thats not to say that there is`nt anything in black)I have some amazing cotton prints coming in september to be made up into summer dress`s , camisoles and skirts i can`t wait till they get here.The silks that are coming in are just as devine.
I have come to the decision that as our weather patterns are changing so is the way we are buying clothing i always have people coming in and wanting jumpers, hoody`s etc in December and in winter camisoles and lighter jumpers and tops so they can be layered without the bulk.Which is why i`m now doing a more transeasonal collection of clothing which will be slotted into the racks more frequently and most designs will be going up to a size 20 .and yes there will be more dress`s with sleeve`s which is another request that i always get.

you can also see more photos on flickr i will just have to workout how to link it up (which might take a day) ha ha just type in polly pratt in there search engine and it will come up.
I plan on adding some news daily or weekly

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